• Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy covers Employees of a Firm/ Company which offers 24*7*365 - coverage in the event of any accidental death or accidental injuries. If the insured person sustains any bodily injury solely and directly caused by external, violent and visible means the, insurance company shall pay the insured or his nominee , the sum insured or part of sum insured depending on the terms and conditions of the Policy.

    The Policy Covers the following Benefits:

  • 1

    Accidental Death

    The entire Sum Insured gets paid to the Nominee of the Insured.
  • 2

    Accidental Disability

    The sum insured of a part of it, depending upon the extent of Disability whether Permanent (loss of 2 limbs/ 2 eyes) or Partial Disablement (when is employee is able to work but not with that efficiency as he was before the occurrence of the accident).
  • 3

    Temporary Total Disablement

    This covers Loss of Pay incase the insured is bedridden and unable to perform his Official Duties. This benefit covers 1% of Sum Insured as compensation up to 104 weeks.
  • 4

    Medical Expenses

    The policy will reimburse any medical expenses incurred on treatment in case of an accident.
  • Exclusions

    Natural Death

    Injury caused while influence of drugs or alcohol

    Violation of Law.

    War and nuclear perils.

    Illegal act

    Bacterial infections.


    Dangerous sports

    Pregnancy or anything related to childbirth etc.